Talking Points: Why Are The Arts Important To Maryland?

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Talking Points - 2016 General Assembly Session


1. Thank legislators for their leadership last year in restoring FY15 and FY16 cuts to arts funding. Advocates will encourage legislators to:

A. Support the Governor's proposed budget for the arts; $20.3 million for FY 2017

B. Support SB 377 / HB 451 and MCA's efforts to make permanent this enhanced investment in the arts.

2. Tell lawmakers that the State of Maryland receives a 3:1 return on its investment in the Arts (FY14 Arts Economic Impact Report, Maryland Department of Commerce).  An investment in the Arts is an investment in the economic vitality of the state.
3. Let lawmakers know that the nonprofit arts sector in Maryland reaches every corner of the state.  As a sector, we take seriously our responsibility to the citizens we serve, and we provide pathways to community engagement, education, and an enriched quality of life.  Strengthening support for the arts means strengthening Maryland.
MCA's Pre-Legislative Briefing