Talking Points: Why Are The Arts Important To Maryland?

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Talking Points – 2014 General Assembly Session

Please support Governor O’Malley’s proposed budget for the Arts in Maryland in FY 2015:

  • General Fund Appropriation - at $16.2 million for the Maryland State Arts Council; and,
  • Special Fund for the Preservation of Cultural Arts – at $2 million in FY15 and $500,000 in FY14 for supplemental grants to support organizational capacity building initiatives; helping to create stronger stewards of public support.

The ARTS SECTOR in Maryland:

  • returns more than 300% on the state’s investment
  • drives $1 billion in economic activity
  • sustains over 12,000 jobs and hundreds of small businesses
  • provides opportunities for employers to engage a creative workforce
  • delivers world class arts programming in public schools
  • supports veterans, seniors, families, youth, etc. through innovative initiatives geared toward health and wellness and building community.

Beyond a priceless work of art on a wall,
Beyond a classical masterpiece performed by an orchestra,
Beyond an award winning play produced on a stage,
… The Arts are a necessary and integral part of our everyday lives, lives made richer by strong and consistent public support.