Information for MSAC Grant Recipients

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This page serves as an rescource for information useful to all organizations who receive a grant from the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC). Please check back to this page for current information on the MSAC budget process and the latest grant distribution news.

The MSAC website contains a wealth of information for and about their grants and grant recipients. A few links of particular interest include the Deadlines and Reports site as well as their lists of grants awarded by year.

All MSAC grant recipients benefit directly from the work of MCA. In turn, we ask those organizations to help support MCA’s efforts to advocate for pubic arts funding by becoming a dues-paying Member of MCA. To learn more, please contact MCA.

If your organization is not yet a recipient of MSAC funding, we invite you to join MCA as an “Associate Member”. You will be listed on our website along with our other members.

Information on Obtaining Bond Bills from the Maryland State Legislature

Each year MCA hosts Bond Bill Training Sessions. Between these training sessions we would like to provide MSAC Grant Recipients, along with all other all arts-related non-profits, with some valuable information if you are considering seeking support for a capital project from the state government.

A Bond Bill is defined as 'a bill authorizing the sale of State general obligation bonds to finance specified projects or activities.' In essence, it is the creation of temporary state debt to fund specific projects. In Maryland, the State Legislature typically has a set amount of funds each year which can be expended in Bond Bills for capital projects. There are Capital Budget Subcommittees in the Senate and House of Delegates who hold hearings in March (on 'Bond Bill Saturday') and make recommendations on which bills to present to the legislature. State Bond Bills should not be confused with local Bond Bills you may hear about or see on your ballot when voting. Those are local bond inititiatives; State funds do not require a referendum by the voting public.

To learn more, we suggest you look at this copy of  the powerpoint presentation given during our training sessions, which is found here.  

Also recommended is the official General Assembly site which includes the guidelines for submission of a Bond Bill and the required Sponsorship Form. Please visit the General Assembly of Maryland website for more informaion here.

MCA plans to host more Training Sessions in the future. Make sure you are on our email list to stay informed about our upcoming events.