Emerging Arts Advocates

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Emerging Arts Advocates
The Emerging Arts Advocates (EAAs) strive to build and sustain the arts sector in the state of Maryland by developing and promoting programs which create growth, development, and vitality for the entire sector.
The EAAs role with Maryland Citizens for the Arts (MCA) is to act as an advisory group to help with the development and implementation in MCA programming, as well as state and local advocacy initiatives.
Working with MCA, the EAAs will become leaders in the arts advocacy field for the under 40 arts community through:
  • Leadership Development
  • Advocacy Training
  • Networking Events
The Emerging Arts Advocates (EAA) program was created to promote the growth of our membership in the under-40 age range or people new to the field, to educate the next generation of Maryland Arts Advocates, and to provide advocacy training, professional development, and leadership opportunities to young advocates in the arts field across all disciplines and regions of the state. From Executive Directors to Artists to Volunteers, they represent a broad range of the ways in which emerging leaders are involved in the artistic community.
Steering Committee and Program Goals
The EAA Steering Committee is comprised of rising advocates who actively recruit EAAs to serve on the committee potentially representing all the counties in Maryland. The EAA committee strives to plan and execute programming collaboratively as a form of experiential learning.  Consequently, the committee endeavors to advance the mission of MCA with the following summary of program goals: 

  • To outreach and publically engage both MCA members and potential allies in the cause of arts advocacy
  • To network and build relationships that position the EAA to be a stronger advocate for the arts
  • To experiment with and innovate new models of organizing arts advocacy in the 21st century
To learn more about the Emerging Arts Advocates, please email Cristyn Johnson or call our office at 410-467-6700.
Current EAA Initiatives 
Emerging Arts Advocates Steering Committee
Kerry Holahan, Chair, Artist/Singer
Amanda Morell, Vice Chair, Arts Council of Anne Arundel County
Kristen McCurdy, Communications Officer, Maryland Federation of Art
Brittany Andrew, Goucher College
Precious Blake, Arts Every Day*
Natalia Gleason*
Mary Hester, Arts Education in Maryland Schools (AEMS) Alliance
Jessica Koningsberg*
Alysia Lee, Sister Cities Girlchoir*
Elizabeth Malone, M-NCPPC*
Ryan Nicotra, Single Carrot Theatre
Raisa Lefé Rouse
Sarah Snyder, The Clarice
Katrina Wallace, Attorney*
Katie Wofford, Howard County Arts Council*
Diana Schenck, EAA Mentor , Artivate!
*EAAs pending membership